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What's on our hearts...

Dear Friends,

One of the things we believe and have always taught is that we have to hold things loosely in this life and be willing to let them go if & when the Lord is finished with them. This is no less true for Kindling Publications. For over 16 years, it has been the vehicle we have used to share things that were on our hearts as we’ve journeyed in the Lord. But as we are seeing and entering into a new season He has opened before us, we feel it has run its course, He is finished with it, and it's time to shut it down. This resonates with our hearts in going forward.

What burns in our hearts is Jesus and His kingdom, and allowing His life to be expressed in/through every aspect of our lives. We want people to see God and His eternal purpose in a deeper, clearer way, and be free from the death and defeat and prison of legalism and empty religion. We want to help people gain a real, interactive, closer than close, relationship with Jesus, and be done forever with their distant and guilt-ridden attempts to have intimacy with Him. We want to help people enlarge their capacity for seeing & entering the kingdom, abiding in Jesus, and walking in love. We want help people to overcome and be “more than conquerors” over the things that hinder and bind them. We want to help people find healing from the wounds and devastation and pain of this life and be able to “run their race in such a way that they win.” We want to see His church restored and His body function in a way that expresses His fullness and fragrance.

This is Who and what we stand for, and we feel this can now be best conveyed through blog formats. There are many reasons for this, and I know many may wonder what the big difference is (blog vs. website), but for us it is huge. I encourage you to visit Maranatha’s blog called LivingLifeLoudly. Our daughter, Lauren, also has a wonderful blog called WearingHisPurity that I would encourage you to follow as well. The Lord willing, in the near future, I’ll be announcing the launch of my own blog. In these blogs, we are/will be regularly posting written articles as well as audio and video podcasts, all with the heart of going deeper in Jesus and His life, love, light, and liberty. We’ll share worship songs that you can engage with personally and also share with those with whom you gather where you live. We’ll likely even have guests pop in and share. We believe this move will allow for a much greater expression of what the Lord has put in our hearts and worked into lives, and we’re excited about all that He is doing!

Grace and peace,
Matthew Chapman